New American Airlines Jet Will Begin Flying Out Of Phoenix

American Airlines will soon start flying a new kind of jet out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Starting in April, passengers will be able to take the A321neo jet, which just made the journey from Germany’s Airbus plant to Pittsburgh this week.

The A321neo will serve as American Airline’s replacement for the retiring Boeing 757. Back in 2011, the company ordered 100 of these aircraft to add to their fleet. Nearly 200 passengers can fly on each trip, and people will be able to use its inflight satellite Wi-Fi on their journey.

For its first flights, the new jet will offer service from Phoenix to Orlando International on April 2. Over the next year, there will be an expansion in the destinations offered with this new plane. By summer, American Airlines will offer service to Anchorage Airport. Before 2020, passengers will be able to travel from Phoenix to Los Angeles and Hawaii.

While recent surveys have shown American Airlines to be one of the lowest ranked American Airlines, the company is working to improve their image. American Airlines President Robert Isom is committed to changing the public perception. In 2019, along with adding a new type of plane to their fleet, the company will also be working towards higher levels of reliability. They hope to minimize flight cancellations and delays.

The company also outperformed what market analysts believed they would make in its 4th quarter profits. American Airlines reported $319 million in profits, likely due to a strong demand for air travel.

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