Extravagant Upgrades Happening In Harkins Theaters

Several exciting developments are occurring within the Harkins Theaters chain throughout the Valley. For starters, many locations will soon be serving alcoholic beverages after the chain acquires necessary liquor licensing.

Harkins Theaters are scattered throughout the Southwest, and they will all be experiencing upgrades to one degree or another. A total of $150 million will be spent on the upgrades. Even the less cinematic elements of these theaters, like the lobbies, will be upgraded.

A More Comfortable Movie Experience

Several notable developments will be taking place such as lounges with bars, the option for making reservations, and theaters with advanced sound systems. The bars will be offering craft beers and local selections of wine, as well as mixed cocktails. This is a similar model that movie chains such as Studio Movie Grill have adopted. Seating reservations can also be made, for moviegoers wishing to ensure that they get ideal seats. These reservations can be made online. The chain is also upgrading the seats themselves, with leather exteriors and reclining functions.

Theater presentation will be taken to the next level in Harkins new CINE1 Auditorium. The screens will be the largest in each theater and will feature laser projection with the most advanced 3D sound technology. 

The Little-Known “Freezer Room”

 Although every Harkins Theater will be experiencing renovations, the Scottsdale Camelview at Fashion Square boasts perhaps the most extravagant upgrade. Here, an exclusive luxury screening room can be rented by parties of up to 24. The room is called “The Freezer”, an appropriate name after being secretly tucked away behind what appears to be a staff-only freezer door. The luxurious experience includes popcorn, reclining seats, a waiting staff serving food for purchase, and alcoholic beverages. Guests are allowed entirely customizable programming. Conveniences such as blankets for keeping comfortable, and warm towels for cleaning snack-residue are provided.


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