Multi-Year Tuition Proposals Announced For Arizona’s Public Universities 

Presidents of Arizona’s three public universities released their proposed six-year maximum growth rates for resident tuition, academic fees, and meal and housing plans today.

Earlier this year, the board approved a new multi-year tuition structure to increase cost predictability for resident students at Arizona’s public universities, including setting maximum tuition growth rates that encompass a six-year cycle with the board revisiting tuition rates during the fourth year of the six-year cycle.

Following a committee presentation and public hearing, the board is anticipated to take possible action on the proposals on April 20.

Proposals are available through the links below:

Next steps in the tuition setting process are:

Presentation of proposals, March 23 – The presidents will present their multi-year proposals to the Arizona Board of Regents Capital, Finance and Resources Committee meeting at Arizona State University. Committee information will post here on March 16.

Public hearing, March 28, 3 – 5 p.m. – The board will hold a virtual, livestreamed public hearing for students and individuals to comment on the tuition proposals. Instructions on how to comment will be posted by March 17, under “public notices” on the ABOR website. Comments on tuition proposals may also be submitted electronically to [email protected], through regular mail, at 2700 N. Central Ave., Suite 400, Phoenix, AZ 85004; or by fax at (602) 229-2555.

Board vote on proposals, April 20 – The board is expected to vote on tuition and fees for the 2023-24 academic year and set maximum tuition growth rates for the following five academic years during the board’s April 19-21 meeting at the University of Arizona. Information on attending the meeting in-person or virtually as well as the time of the agenda item will be included in board materials which will post here on April 11.