More Arizona Graduates Deciding Against College Education

According to a report published by the Arizona Board of Regents, many Arizona high school graduates aren’t interested in attending college. Around 50 percent of students who graduated in 2017 didn’t apply for college. Only 27 percent of students who graduated in 2011 completed a degree within six years.

If the current rate continues, the study estimates that only 17 percent of ninth grade students will graduate with a four-year degree by 2028.

Women enrolled for college in greater numbers; they made up 56% of college enrollment in the state.

“If our current rate of attainment doesn’t improve, Arizona’s economy will underperform, and residents won’t realize benefits from increased education, including higher wages, lower unemployment and better health,” says John Arnold, the Regents Board Executive Director.

The report also enclosed that Caucasian and Asian students were more likely to enroll than African American, Hispanic, or Native American students.

Many contribute the low enrollment to Arizona’s poverty rate. A report earlier this year stated that Arizona ranked as the 12th state for citizens living below the poverty level. One quarter of the state’s children also suffer from poverty.


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