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Bad Moms is a movie all mothers need to see.  While it is raunchy at times, it is also laugh out loud funny, and has the ability to get right to the heart of what it means to be a mom.  Although it was directed by two men, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, they clearly did their research.  They interviewed hundreds of moms to create real and personal situations so that most women can envision themselves somewhere in these characters. 

Mila Kunis plays Amy, an overwhelmed, underappreciated, soon to be single mom of two adorable pre-teens.  She does everything for them and it never seems to be enough.  She is constantly battling with Gwendolyn, portrayed by pitch-perfect Christina Applegate, the president of the PTA.  No one messes with Gwendolyn, she basically rules the school, and she plays dirty.  After a horrible day and one too many bake sale requests, Amy decides she has had enough with the PTA and is not going to comply anymore. 

Amy heads to a nearby bar to unwind and meets fellow moms Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and Kiki (Kristen Bell).  Carla is a vulgar, outspoken, single mom always looking for a good time.  Kiki is a lonely, timid mother of four young children with an unsupportive husband just looking to make friends. This unlikely trio soon starts bonding over shared mom fantasies – like eating breakfast alone, or getting into a tiny car crash so they can spend some alone time in the hospital for a few days.  Together they decide to be Bad Moms and just forget all the stress, competition, and judgment from the mean girls with minivans.  After a particularly low-blow from Gwendolyn involving Amy’s daughter, Amy decides to run against Gwendolyn for PTA president.  The rest of the movie involves campaigning, partying, and the ultimate election for the moms in the school.

At times a bit unrealistic and farfetched, this movie never ceases to make you laugh and feel proud to be a mom.  The chemistry of the actresses adds to the already great writing.  On a side note, the movie is not super kind to the husbands/fathers so keep that in mind before considering this for a date night movie.  Bottom line, leave the men at home and enjoy a girls night out!  Make sure to stay for the beginning of the credits for hilarious and touching interviews with the cast and their real life mothers.  You can see where this movie gets its comedy, and equally its heart.  

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