Mistress Arrested For Allegedly Shooting Death Of A Man In West Phoenix

The mistress of a valley man has been arrested and charged with his murder.

Police believe that Rebecca Paulina Rodriguez, 30, allegedly shot and killed Adrian Cantu Silva, 32 after she dropped him off in front of his house near the corner of 43rd Avenue and Camelback Road on May 23.

According to the police report, Rodriguez and Silva were romantically involved, however Silva was married. On the night of the shooting, Rodriguez and Silva were together with Rodriguez’s friend Rosa Mae Mendoza. The three were at Silva’s house drinking before going to a swingers club.

Officers say that Rodriguez informed officers, that Silva had allegedly been in a domestic violence situation with his wife and that the two women were spending time with him to cheer him up. After the swingers club, the two women drove Silva to his house just as his wife was leaving the house.

Police were able to obtain video footage from a nearby residences of the group arriving to Silva’s home. The footage shows a black SUV arriving in at Silva’s residence, and all three exiting the vehicle. The video shows an argument breaking out and a gunshot can be heard. In the video, one of the women says “he is shot.” The two women proceed to the SUV and drive away.

Rodriguez told police that Silva was a very good friend and that the shooting was an accident. Police have reported that prior to this shooting, Rodriguez was involved with an incident and another woman at Silva’s house. Reportedly Rodriguez also sold Silva the handgun used in the shooting that same evening.

On Monday, Rodriguez was arrested and booked on one count of 2nd-degree murder. Her bail is set at $1 million.

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