Microchip Tech Job Fair Taking Place In Chandler On Thursday

 Microchip Technology Inc., a manufacturer of semiconductors located in Chandler Arizona, is currently seeking to fill around 500 positions. 85 of the 130 US positions available are located in Chandler specifically. Most of the jobs available are high-income, engineering based positions. Some of the positions are development centered, while others require the skills of designers and marketing engineers.

Microchip Seeking To Incorporate New Talent

Microchip’s Global human resources VP Lauren Carr, has publicly made it known that the company is on the lookout for new talent. They have a specific interest in recent college graduates. In order to fill these positions as quickly as possible, Microchip is hosting a job fair this Thursday.

As of recently, Microchip has undergone extensive growth as well as a surge in company sales. In terms of growth, a new 4 story addition to the company’s headquarters has recently began construction.

Company Is Open To Valley Based Tech Talent

Microchip has a unique interest in bringing together technical minds scattered throughout the valley. Future employees at Microchip, can expect to receive rewarding incentives for ideas and hard work that push the company forward. Microchip prides itself on having a team atmosphere, which operates like a machine, each employee playing a key factor. Every employee also holds shares in company stock. This, Lauren Carr believes, gives employees a sense of ownership and fulfillment. In fact, the company’s executives view employees as the ultimate asset. This sentiment has been demonstrated during hard economic times, where the company did everything possible to retain employees, according to Carr.

Steve Sanghi, Microchip CEO, has remained adamant about showing his employees that he works for them. This helps to add to the collaborative environment fostered by Microchip. 

Thursday job fair (5:30-7:30pm) located at Microchip Technology Chandler Headquarters: 2355 W. Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85224

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