Mesa Water Customers are Encouraged to Forgo Fall Overseeding

The fall season is the time of year when many Arizona residents, businesses and homeowner’s associations (HOAs) overseed their lawns. In light of the worsening conditions on the Colorado River, the City of Mesa is encouraging all water customers to consider limiting or forgoing the overseeding of turf areas.

Choosing not to overseed Bermuda with winter rye saves water. It allows your summer lawn to rest – making it stronger for new spring growth. Mesa water customers can also save money on the avoided costs of seed, labor and gasoline for mowing.

“Winter rye requires significantly more water than dormant Bermuda, so we can maximize water savings by not overseeding, especially at homes, businesses and HOAs with large areas of turf,” said Scott Bouchie, Interim Energy Resources Department Director for the City of Mesa. “By taking this important step, home and business owners can demonstrate their community leadership and commitment to helping preserve Mesa’s water supply.”

It requires at least 8,000 additional gallons of water for every 1,000 square feet of grass to have this winter luxury rather than dormant Bermuda. Once established, winter rye needs water every three to seven days, while dormant Bermuda only needs water once every three or four weeks. Limiting or not overseeding and adjusting the irrigation timer for each change of season can result in substantial water savings.

To demonstrate Mesa’s continued commitment to water conservation, the Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities Department has not overseeded most of its parks for many years.

Need more help to decide whether or not to forgo the winter lawn? See the list of 10 great reasons to skip overseeding along with information on low-water-use plants, landscape watering guidelines and helpful conservation tips at