Mesa Mother Left Her 5-Month-Old Baby Home Alone To Go Out and Drink

A Mesa mom faces several charges after police report she left her 5-month-old baby home alone Thursday to go out and drink.

In the middle of the night on Thursday Mesa police received calls of a possible drunk driver. Around 2:20 a.m., police pulled over 23-year-old Clare Margaret Meacham in the area of Gilbert and Baseline roads.

After determining Meacham was under the influence, police put in handcuffs for suspected DUI. According to court documents, at that time, Meacham mentioned to officers that she may have left her baby home alone.

Meacham informed officers that she had placed her child in the baby crib and didn’t remember anything after that. Police officers drove to her home in east Mesa, near Signal Butte and Ray roads. Upon arriving, officers could hear a child crying from outside of the home. Police were able to enter the home and safely secure the 5 month old baby.

Officers called the Department of Child Safety and waited at the house for a family member to arrive and to take custody of the baby. The child had no injuries. Court records detail that she did not attempt to contact anyone to watch her child while she went out.

An investigation revealed that Meacham’s doorbell camera video showed her leaving her residence at 12:44 p.m., approximately 2 hours before police were able to safely obtain the baby.

Meacham was arrested and faces charges of DUI and child abuse charges.

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