Mesa Man Accused of Stabbing a Woman To Try To Bring Her Back to Life in a Ritual

On Wednesday, authorities arrested a Mesa Man who allegedly performed a ritual to bring a dead woman back to life which resulted in stabbing her in the heart.

Stephen Joseph Anderson, 34, was arrested on Wednesday after the November incident. Court records state that Anderson did not tell law enforcement about the body for days.

According to court documents, around November 12th, Anderson met Rebecca Lynn Lambert, 33, at a park near to Signal Butte and Broadway roads. He invited her to his house nearby. Detectives report that Anderson took Lambert into his bedroom and they both did methamphetamine. Anderson reported to the police that he left her to take a shower, and when he returned to the bedroom, he found Lambert dead. Court paperwork says Anderson told detectives he wanted to revive her, so he allegedly performed a ritual by stabbing her in the heart with his 5-inch silver knife. It went all the way into her body.

An estimated two days passed, and on Nov. 14, Anderson was spotted by witnesses standing in the middle of the road holding a knife and a hammer. Neighbors reported that he jumped out in front of a driver and they believed he was going to attack the driver. The driver briefly stopped over his actions. When officers arrived on scene, he Anderson was holding his knife. He was instructed to drop the knife, which he complied. Officers took him into custody. Officers did noticed blood on the knife, but they were not informed of the body that was still in his house.

Anderson was committed to a facility to treat for mental health issues. It was on Nov. 15, when he called his mom from the facility and instructed her to keep his kids away from his bedroom. His mother concerned about what he had told her went to Anderson’s house and found Lambert dead in his bedroom. Anderson’s mother called 911.

Anderson was later released from the facility and arrested at his home on Wednesday. Police said he admitted to the allegations and knew that it was wrong to stab a body. Court documents detail that he was booked into jail on a felony count of disorderly conduct, one felony count of mutilation of a body and a misdemeanor count of failure to report a death. He also faces a possible charge of being a prohibited possessor of weapons since he is a convicted felon and is not allowed to have the knife.