Matson Money moves its headquarters to Scottsdale

The name Matson Money caused a considerable amount of fanfare this past Friday at 18760 N. Pima Rd in Scottsdale. Nearly two years after CEO Mark Matson moved his firm and its $6.6 billion dollars of managed wealth across the country from Ohio, Matson Money West opened its doors. The firm’s new 50,000-square foot facility played host to VIP tours, a reception, and honored guests including Mayor Jim Lane and Vice Mayor Kathy Littlefield.

Speaking on the move Matson said he was “thrilled to have been embraced by the city of Scottsdale and the entire state of Arizona”. He also spoke of his confidence in the new Scottsdale location saying that the new space would help his clients “become true coaches for investing consumers”. Mark Matson has every reason to be confident in the success of his firm. After 25 years of one-on-one coaching, workshop programs, guest appearances on CNBC and FOX Business, he has thrived. Using conservative principles, Matson has built a firm that has been successful in providing world class management training that challenges advisors while helping them rethink their relationships with clients.

However he isn’t the only one who should be confident or excited about the arrival of his successful firm in Scottsdale. Furnished with a museum dedicated to free market capitalism and two pieces of the Berlin wall, Matson Money West paints itself as an investing paradise for both clients and financial advisors. With the firm expecting to have thousands of investors rush through it doors each year, it’s become difficult to argue otherwise. Matson Money West also looks to excite the local economy as the firm will not only support capital investment in Scottsdale but human capital as well. Having recently hired 10 new employees the firm shows no signs of easing up which is good news for those looking for work in the financial sector.

The arrival of Matson Money West is a welcome sign in Scottsdale and indicator of just how far the economy has come. If you would like to learn more about Mark Matson, Matson Money West, or investing you can visit or tune in to his weekly live show “Matson Money Live”.

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