Maricopa County: Chase Field sale dead

On Monday afternoon Stadium Real Estate partners II disclosed that it had terminated its plan to invest 60 million dollars in buying a new ballpark. The ballpark was assembled on 1998. The metropolitan phoenix ballpark is a central tract for the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks had an opportunity to deal with Chase field from Maricopa County and had the power to pause an official movement (veto power).

Martin J Greenberg is the counselor of stadium group having work maturity of about 40 years in real estate agreement, debate and development. He is the associate and presentational of stadium club, has announced that his team has some complications to terms with the even confrontation with the diamondbacks regarding the sale of the potential ballpark. The Real estate group has notified that it seems that reconciliation could not be entered between Diamondbacks and another party.

Martin Greenberg has written a letter to county and notified to the county that Diamondbacks is trying to get access to the plans of stadium group’s trade and banking even before the confrontation with the team. Maricopa County has announced that potential trade of chase field to the nonpublic sector is expired. Meeting between both the parties was much necessary to advance the pact, but there is no result of these negotiations.

Attorney of investor group has announced that he has an expectation that another meeting with the concerned team will occur. They are trying to communicate with Diamondbacks and other team representatives to have the purposeful dialogue with them. Veto power was given to Diamondbacks regarding the sale of Chase field. The county and team were having complications about the rehabilitation of phoenix ballpark. The lease was paid by the team and outward events to use it in the maintaining of a stadium.