Local Motors Bringing Driverless Shuttle To Phoenix

Phoenix-based Local Motors by LM Industries Group Inc. has recently announced a “global fleet challenge” for its driverless shuttle, Olli. The announcement came during the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Olli is currently in use as a shuttle for attendees and representatives.

The initial challenge is specific to locations in the greater Sacramento and greater Phoenix areas, and the second will be specific to Australia and the Nordic region.

The global challenge allows for cities, campuses, and other districts to submit proposals for short-term local uses for Olli. A panel of judges will review the various proposals, and a fleet will be deployed to the locations of the winning entrants.

“Olli is a transformative transportation option that is already in use, with success, in a number of places, including its most recent introduction at the University at Buffalo,” said Jar Rogers, CEO and co-founder of Local Motors. “As we move forward into new territory with self-driving vehicles, we absolutely appreciate that innovation in general requires opportunity. And a fleet challenge, we believe, could be that opportunity for progress for the locations that are selected.”

Olli is an environmentally friendly vehicle designed with the hopes of changing the future of mobility.

 “Arizona is proud to be a place where companies come to test and scale transformative, cutting-edge technology,” said Sandra Watson, CEO and President of Arizona Commerce Authority. “We’re thrilled that LM Industries, which has called Arizona home to its Local Motors division headquarters for many years, is continuing to innovate in our state in new ways. The Challenge will empower local organizations to participate in shaping the future of autonomous mobility from the operations, public safety and policy perspectives. I look forward to seeing the projects advanced that will help define the next generation of transportation.”


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