Landscape Hotel Coming 2020

Sedona is known for their stunning red rocks and beautiful views. And next year, the city will be known for having the first hotel of its kind in North America.

Deemed the first landscape hotel in North America is scheduled to open in late 2020. Tourists can take in the Sedona views from Ambiente when it opens along State Route 89A.

Described as a “landscape hotel,” it will provide a unique travel experience to guests. A family-owned company in Sedona, Two Sister Bosses, owns the property. The term “landscape hotel” is a relatively new term for the hotel industry. In general it is used to describe “a type of accommodation designed to blend in with the surrounding environment and built with a deep respect for the land around it using sustainable and innovative practices,” according to Ambiente’s release.

Like the other landscape hotels around the world, Ambiente is being built with a focus on sustainable methods and organic architecture that will complement the landscape.

The hotel will be built on three-acres of untouched land, located about 500 feet west of Mariposa Latin Grill.

Ambiente will host 40 576-square-foot cube-shaped rooms with floor to ceiling bronze-tinted windows. This unique design will have 360° views.  The hotel is designed so that in the evenings, the windows will reflect the stunning Sedona landscape, “creating stunning, mirrored silhouettes,” the release said.

According to the proposed plans submitted to the City of Sedona, the hotel will feature a two-story lobby, meeting rooms, valet, a pool, a lounge, bar, and rooftop desk. All of the hotel rooms will sit above the ground on steel piers, which allows the rooms to be built within the land’s terrain and landscape without the need to grade the land.

The city approved the project on July 2 and construction is set to start in the coming months.

“It has been our longtime dream to create a truly exciting and unique experience that is in harmony with the rare beauty of Sedona, our hometown where our family has done business for close to 35 years,” said Jennifer May, the co-founder of Two Sister Bosses. She and her sister, Colleen Tebrake, own the company. “We have meticulously designed every element of the hotel with the sophisticated traveler in mind, while also remaining determined to set a benchmark for sustainable tourism.”

The hotel design was created by ASUL Architects in Scottsdale and is expected to open December 2020.

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