Keep Your Pets Safe During The Holidays

While the focus this holiday season might primarily be on keeping the toys and children away from the fireplace, don’t forget about your furry friends.

The Arizona Humane Society wants to make everyone aware of the potential dangers that exist.

With seasonal plants such as holly, mistletoe and poinsettias being toxic if eaten by animals, it might be best to opt for the artificial decorations. 

Additional safe alternatives for Christmas tree owners include opting for plastic ornaments over class, steering clear of tinsel, stabilizing trees so they can’t fall on animals and keeping light wiring out of the reach of pets. 

The organization also pointed out that pets prefer quiet spaces, so make sure to provide a secluded area for them to escape to when entertaining and hosting groups where high noise volumes will result. 

The same is the case for New Year’s Eve as many pets will become scared by the fireworks and want a place to hide that they feel is safe and secure.

For those that will be traveling with their pets, the Humane Society recommends updating ID tags and microchips, along with not leaving pets alone in vehicles and stocking up on medications and special foods as needed.

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