IV Hydration Therapy Clinics in the Phoenix Area

On hot summer days, dehydration becomes a major issue for residents of the Phoenix area. Drinking water may not always feel as though it has an effect. Some people seek out an alternative in the form of IV hydration therapy. More and more facilities offering this form of hydration are emerging across the valley. Many businesses offer injections of saline mixed with vitamins and nutrient into the blood stream. Two of these businesses focus solely on injections.

Recipients of the injection claim to feel immediately refreshed. Proponents claim that the treatments help those with everything from hangovers to more serious illnesses such as chronic fatigue and migraines.  Though it has recently become more popular, these injections have been around since the 1950s, when Dr. John Myers sought to provide nutritional benefits through IV therapy in what he called “Myers’ Cocktails.” He and modern proponents of the treatment believe that the therapy helps people with digestive tract issues to absorb 100% of nutrients needed for healthy living.

Opponents of the therapy point to the ability of the digestive tract to perform this function without issue. They claim that those seeking this therapy generally live healthy lifestyles and should have little issue with digestion. Many of those with health conditions would be ill-advised to receive these injections. This includes people with metabolic diseases or congestive heart failure. Also, the injections could cause blood clots and infection. Opponents also claim that the good feelings after therapy are the result of a placebo effect.

IV hydration therapy’s benefits and adverse health effects are still being discussed and debated. One thing remains certain. The treatments cost a great deal. In addition to doctor consultations, which run $35 on average, individual sessions may cost as must as $100 to $200. The benefits may be worth receiving the treatment for a lot of people, but the cost may be very high.

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