Is Phoenix The Next Silicon Valley?

Upgrade Inc., a San francisco-based tech company, has announced an operations center expansion into Phoenix, Arizona. The business mentioned that both light-rail access, and a growing business vibe within the city, were primary draws to downtown Phoenix.

Recently, a California-based packaging company, has also decided that relocating its corporate headquarters to Phoenix would be worthwhile. They believe that doing so, will provide a more cost-effective business environment, as well as a unique workforce. 

Phoenix Leaders Adapting To The Change

Phoenix leaders have recently noticed the trend of tech startups, eager to establish themselves within the city. Mayor of Phoenix, Greg Stanton, recently stated that within the last five years, the amount of downtown technology companies has increased fourfold. Currently, about 260 technology companies are based in Phoenix, most of which lie within the city’s core, downtown.

As a result, technology related jobs in the area has increased. It is estimated, that about 7,000 tech jobs are currently available in Phoenix. Upgrade Inc., for example, will be hiring around 300 workers in the coming years.

Builders In Phoenix Capitalizing On The Trend

Tech companies are drawn to the sense of community that Phoenix contains, as well as the vibrant downtown scene that the location offers. Savvy downtown developers are already constructing office buildings, that are designed to allure technology businesses. Essentially, builders in Phoenix are trying to model new structures that do not resemble those of the past. Many of these buildings offer collaborative work environments, that are both naturally walkable and feature unique architecture.

Remodeling improvements that are made to existing buildings within downtown Phoenix, are done so in the effort to draw millennial techworkers. As Phoenix was formerly known to be the home of many law firms, trendy architectural changes seem to be steadily drawing in more and more tech companies.






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