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Is CBD Oil Safe For Everyone?

Recently, CBD products have swept the nation. They are also prevalent locally in the Arizona market. However, the question of whether these products are safe for human consumption could be up in the air.

CBD oil is a derivative of the marijuana plant. But it does not produce the same high for which marijuana is known. Many people use CBD oil for the varied health benefits that it is claimed to give people.

There are a number of CBD-infused products available to people in Arizona. Spinelli’s Pizzeria features pizzas and drinks containing the substance. A Scottsdale-based company, Alkaline-88, will soon introduce CBD-infused water, which claims to relax those who drink it.

According to Dr. Terry Simpson, CBD oil can do some good. Yet many of these products may not always be the most healthy choice for individuals. People turn to CBD for its alleged anxiety relief, anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief, and its other attributes people have cited.

CBD is even being used in FDA-approved prescriptions that treat childhood epilepsy, such as Epidoilex. However, doctors recently found that a small percentage of kids treated with this medication had an increase in liver enzymes that could lead to liver failure. While it was found in this four percent of kids using this drug, most people who buy CBD oil are not paying attention to the levels of liver enzymes in their body.

Part of weighing the potential benefits of CBD should also include weighing the fact that many supplements containing CBD oil are completely unregulated, and the proper dosage to gain the benefits of it are still unknown. There is much more research to be done in the field of safe CBD oil consumption.

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