Ice Age Collision Course Starting to Show Age

This is the fifth edition of the “Ice Age” series, and it’s starting to show its age. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, because box office numbers prove that the franchise is by no means on thin ice. Many recent animated “children’s movies” have made a point to include some adult-friendly innuendo but the “Ice Age” movies seen unwilling or unable to do so with subtlety. The franchise is still entertaining in its own way, largely due to the popularity of a few specific characters, but that “way” hasn’t evolved much since the original film’s release is 2002.

The plot of “Collision Course” is pretty straightforward: Scrat (Chris Wedge) accidentally puts several asteroids on course to hit the Earth while he was burying an acorn. Nuptials between Peaches and Julian are just around the corner, while Diego and Shira are concerned about their own attempt to start a family.

Francine dumps Sid right before he proposes to her, and then the chaos begins as the first asteroids begin to make contact with the land just as Manny and Ellie’s anniversary party is getting underway. As the asteroids continue to fall, it is eventually revealed that asteroids storms had caused extensive problems for past cultures, too. While the storyline itself is interesting, the special effects are also impressive.

Buck, Manny, Gavin and the others hatch a plan to save the planet using the magnetic properties of the asteroids to repel the stones from Earth, but three evil dromaeosaurs overhear the plan and decide to sabotage Buck. We don’t want to give any spoilers away because the movie is a must-see, especially if you have small children. Rest assured, though, that you will not be disappointed with the final outcome of Ice Age: Collision Course.

Adults who enjoyed the previous Ice Age movies will notice that their children and grandchildren may tend to exhibit better behavior when watching sequels because they have already invested time and emotion into the characters and the storyline. The move does have some enjoyable humor that adults can enjoy, and Scrat’s appearances never disappoint – his role in Ice Age: Collision Course is no exception.    

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