How 5 New Arizona Laws Will Affect You

353 new bills have been passed by the Arizona Legislature. As of this writing, Governor Doug Ducey has signed 302 of these bills into law. In the coming days more laws will be signed that are expected to come into effect on August 9. Most of the laws will mostly go unnoticed by Arizona residents. However, there are 5 laws that may have an affect on the day-to-day lives of people in The Copper State.

Care for Fetuses Born Alive
SB 1367 is a regulation on how doctors most offer care to fetuses that are born alive during an abortion. At or beyond 20 weeks, neonatal emergency equipment will be available for a trained staff to ensure the baby’s survival. The belief is that if the fetus is alive at the time of an abortion, then it is a living being.

Dependents in Cars
HB 2494 addresses a hot topic around summertime. This bill protects those who rescue children or pets from hot cars from a civil lawsuit for entering the car. If a person believes that a child or animal is in “imminent danger of physical injury or death,” they can intervene without consequence. They then must call the police or animal control and stay with the rescued child or animal until they arrive. 

Disability Rights
SB 1406 is an amendment to the Arizonans with Disabilities Act. It allows businesses up to 90 days to correct violations of disability accessibility. If the business does not adhere within cordance in 90 days, then they are eligible for lawsuits.

School vouchers
SB 1431 allows 1.1 million students from public schools to apply to the Empowerment Scholarship Account program. 30,000 students are able to be accepted by 2022 at a first-come, first-serve basis. Students enrolled in the program are allotted funds to be used on educational services, therapies, and private-school tuition.

Texting and driving
SB 1080 is a ban on allowing minors to use a mobile device while driving for their first six months on the road. The law will go into effect next July.