Holocaust Commemoration at the Jewish Heritage Center

The death of one person is seen to be a significant loss to the loved ones and the society as a whole, but when it comes to the end of masses, it becomes a tragedy that will never be forgotten. The mass death happened in Eastern Europe when the Jews were forced into gas chambers. Some of them were sprayed with bullets in front of a mass grave that was dug for their burial. These graves were not ordinary graveyards, but they were situated in a forest.

Six million Jews died during the period of the holocaust, and the reason for their murder was because of their religion and beliefs. The Holocaust was cruel for any human being to kill people in cold blood without giving them a chance to defend themselves. For those who survived this horrible torture were left with scars in their hearts that will never heal.

The 12th of April is the day that was set aside to remember who died and survived the brutal killings of the Jews during the holocaust (Yom Hashoah). In downtown Phoenix, there is a Jewish Heritage Centre that commemorates the events of the holocaust. The center is featured with life masks of those who survived the brutal killings.

According to the museum director, Lawrence Bell the primary purpose of the center is to keep the memory from being forgotten. It is not because it was a good thing to remember, but this is to remind people that the same incident should not recur in the future. 

One such survivor was Gloria Hollander Lyon who was about be put in a gas chamber when she rolled off the cart she was carried in and found her way into the barracks once more. One of the women who helped to hide her died and Gloria wore her uniform, and that is how she escaped death. 

Robert Sutz is one of the people who was affected indirectly by the Holocaust has been the artist behind the modeling of the life masks to carry out the legacy of those who survived. The Jewish Heritage Center will be exhibiting until 1st May. Click here for more information on the exhibit.

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