Historic Phoenix Restaurant Closes After 87 Years

After 87 years, one of the most historic restaurants in the city of Phoenix has shut its doors. On Friday, May 5, 2017, Tom’s Tavern opened for business for one final time.

In 1929, the City Morgue was transformed into the iconic restaurant that served the Phoenix area for over eight decades. In an interview with Phoenix New-Times, owner and chef of the establishment, Jim Gallen stated, “Walking away from a life long dream is never simple. The complexity of operating an 88-year-old restaurant in today’s restaurant environment proved to be too difficult to overcome with just good food and good service.”

On the official Facebook page of Tom’s Tavern, Gallen thanked the customers for the support. He also let out a showing of gratitude to the Bidwell Family. These owners of the Arizona Cardinals had purchased the restaurant in 2011. 

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