Here’s How To Prevent Hackers From Accessing Your Photos

Cyber safety should always be a significant concern every time that you access the Internet. Cyber criminals continue to become more brazen in their attempts to steal your identity. The Department of Homeland Security continues to raise public awareness, and even initiated The Stop.Think.Connect. Campaign to increase the understanding of cyber threats and empower the American public to be safer and more secure online. The campaign also provides free resources to everyone to ensure that they are all safer online.

But, if you want to protect the private photos that you have stored on your smartphone, or any other electronic device for that matter, then there are some other recommended safety precautions that you should consider taking.

The first step is securing your phone with security systems and apps. Next, you’ll want to ensure that your software is password protected. There are a variety of innovative ways being used to deter hackers from accessing devices including facial recognition, personalized patterns and even fingerprint access. 

Beware of installing new apps that request permission to access areas such as files, microphone, camera, pictures, etc. Try to install apps and complete downloads from only those reputable websites that you are familiar with.

Finally, as convenient as it might seem to stay logged in on most of your online accounts, and to use the same password across multiple accounts, or to even utilize auto login features, cybersecurity experts advise against them all.