Harkins Plans to OpenTwo Dine-In Movie Theaters

Harkins has two new exciting plans in the works that will delight movie goers and add a special touch to the experience.

Harkins currently has a new project under construction in the far Northwest Valley — a dine-in movie theater.

The Scottsdale-based Harkins Theatres anticipates opening the dine-in movie theater at the Lake Pleasant Towne Center in Peoria, near Lake Pleasant Parkway and Happy Valley Road. The theater is expected to open in late 2022 and will offer the perfect combination of an immersive movie experience and restaurant quality dining.

Residents in the northwest part of Peoria are looking forward to the addition in the area as the closest movie theaters are located 20 minutes away in the Norterra and Arrowhead area of Glendale.

The 43,00-square-foot theater will open in the former Sports Chalet space and will feature nine screens. Theater plans also include a covered outdoor patio. The CineGrill concept will offer craft food, cocktails, and beer.

This week, Harkins Theater announced plans to open a second CineGrill dine-in movie theater in the valley. The Paradise Valley location will be part of the redevelopment of Paradise Valley Mall area. Construction is not expected to begin until at 2023.


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