Groups Attempting To Get More Participation In 2020 Census

The new census is still a year away, but groups are already attempting to get residents to participate. The campaign, called the #ICount2020 campaign, is organized by the city of Phoenix, and its goal is to show how the impact of each person is important.

The census begins on April 1, 2020. “We are in the fastest growing county in the entire United States and we need to make sure we get our fair share of resources,” said Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego . “It’s your chance to step up and say, ‘I want kids in our community to get their fair share on education. I want first responders to get the equipment they need.’”

The Arizona governor, Doug Ducey, issued an executive order to form a committee to create a plan to have an accurate count of residents next year. “Arizona has experienced tremendous growth over the last ten years,” said Ducey. “With more people expected to move to our state within the next year, we want to make sure this census fully and accurately represents Arizona’s population.”

It’s going to be easier to participate in the census, as well. Residents can do it online, on the phone, or through the mail. The survey will determine how $675 billion dollars will be used, and local governments will use the information to make decisions about schools, health clinics, and infrastructure repair. “You count, you matter, and you should participate,” Gallego said.


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