Greater Phoenix Economic Council Luring Californians To The Valley

The Greater Phoenix Economic Council wants California residents and businesses to move to the Valley, and they’re trying their best to make their happen. The Time to Get Out campaign and the #CAstruggles twitter account are both bids by the council to attempt to persuade people to leave California. The campaign and account highlight the high cost of living and the tax burden of Arizona’s glamorous neighbors.

The president and CEO of the council, Chris Camacho, says the group has 24 branded cars that are advertising the council’s website to San Francisco residents.

“For the last 10 years, we’ve seen a number of companies, because of the tax and regulatory environment, decide it’s time to expand or relocate out of the California market,” he said.

“And so we want to be the location of choice when these companies decide to move knowledge workers out of California into Arizona.”

The campaign’s website boasts that 60,000 Californians moved to Arizona in 2017.

Two aspects driving Californians to leave the state are housing prices, $256,000 in Phoenix versus $954,100 in San Francisco; and an ever increasing corporate income tax, 4.9% compared to 8.84%.

“The campaign is really focused on giving side-by-side comparisons for the knowledge workers and technology companies to evaluate their options,” he said.

“And we’ve seen over 200 companies over the last few decades move out of the California market into greater Phoenix.”

According to Camacho, the Valley’s skyrocketing economic growth and its diversity make it an excellent place for businesses and investments.

“There’s a number of young, high-growth companies and a number of major corporations … that continue to add high-wage jobs and knowledge worker opportunities in greater Phoenix, and we expect that to continue,” he said.

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