Goodyear First Responders Receive Thermal Cameras From Amazon Donation

On Sunday, first responders in Goodyear added some new high-tech tools to their belt thanks to Amazon.

With a warehouse located off Cotton Lane and Lower Buckeye Road in Goodyear, the company donated infrared thermal imaging camera packages to the Goodyear fire and police departments.

“They tied it in very nicely with Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and the fact that Amazon remembered that makes it even more meaningful to us,” Goodyear Deputy Police Chief David Farrow said on Tuesday.

The donation will allow the Goodyear departments to work directly with the manufacturer, FLIR Systems, Inc. Designs, to acquire purpose-built, first-responder equipment and training.

FLIR develops technologies that enhance perception and awareness. The thermal imaging camera packagers include visible-light imaging, video analytics, measurement and diagnostic, and advanced threat detection systems.

The two cameras dedicated to police and firefighters in Goodyear will help detect thermal images that could range anywhere from a person’s body heat to an actual fire.

“As you can imagine, you can’t see in a house fire. It’s very dark because of the smoke so we can use these cameras to find heat sources,” Goodyear Fire Chief Paul Luizzi added. “So, whether we are finding the fire or actually even finding a person that could be trapped inside or even a lost or down firefighter.”

Both Goodyear police and fire plan to work with FLIR to ensure the equipment is used in the safest way for both the community and first responders who will use the devices.

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