Going Green, A Phoenix Eatery Offers An All-Vegan Menu

A few years ago, finding Vegan menu options could be next to impossible. Plant based protein options just were not always there for those who desired or needed it. However, according to recent studies conducted, 30 percent of Americans are beginning to seek out a more plant based protein diet instead of the traditional meat protein options.

Plant based protein is designed to replace meat or animal product alternatives in the human diet. This plant based protein could allow them to successfully enjoy the benefits of protein, without violating their dietary restrictions. These restrictions could be in place for a number of reasons from beliefs, taste preference, or even health.

The plant based protein and substitute market is expected to reach up. To $5.2 billion by 2020, and could make up to over ⅓ of the market by 2050 according to the lifestyle website One Green Planet. This is quite the increase in Vegan preferences, possibly changing the menu game for some restaurants in the future.

But for one local Phoenix Eatery, Nami,  the Vegan diet is now a key part of their restaurant. Opening up their availability to customers with restricted diets, this restaurant has an All-Vegan Menu. This rise of the market will only benefit them in the food industry going forward.

The restaurant, Nami, offers everything from sweet to savory. Accommodating the change of diets even further, they even offer gluten-free choices at their restaurant as well. This makes them a prime candidate for someone looking to satisfy all of their party’s diet requirements. Organic, vegan, and gluten friendly is a triple threat in the restaurant world. 

Nami is located at 2014 N 7th Street Phoenix. You can order online, call ahead, or order in store. Check out their website for more information on menus and ordering information.

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