Glendale City Council Votes To Make Panhandling on Streets Illegal

The Glendale City Council has voted to make panhandling illegal in the city limits of Glendale.

On Tuesday, the council passed the ordinance making almost all cases of panhandling illegal.

Under the law, the following will not be allowed:

  • Panhandling in an aggressive manner in any public area.
  • Panhandling in any public transportation vehicle or stop
  • Panhandling within 50 feet of the entrance or exit of a financial institution, check-cashing business, or ATM.
  • Panhandling on private property if the owner, tenant, or occupant has asked the person not to solicit or has a sign posted saying that solicitations aren’t welcome.
  • Panhandling within 25 feet of the entrance or exit of any business or private establishment.
  • Panhandling from any motorist in traffic on a public street or stopped at a stoplight or stop sign.

The city declared the new law is for the safety of people panhandling as well as drivers.

The first violation of the ordinance will result in a civil violation. Repeat offenders within a 12-month period will be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor charge.

Mesa recently initiated efforts to curb panhandling.

In 2021, the City of Mesa launched a program that included permanent putting signs at intersections asking motorists to donate to social services that help people facing homelessness rather than give money to panhandlers.