Fitness Tip – What is your Why?

Whether you are new to working out or have been training for quite some time, this fitness tip is sure to help get you on track or keep you there.  One of the top tips I recommend to anyone when setting a fitness goal is to take a clear look at what is your why?  Why are you desiring to make a positive change regarding your health and wellness? It is a powerful thing to make a commitment to changing your health and altering your lifestyle, so you must be specific and clear in defining your why. A simple, “To lose weight and be healthy”  just won’t cut it.

In defining your why, you have to get to the root of why this is important and really think about what this commitment will mean. You must be specific and clear in defining your why. Take some time, get quiet and really give this the attention it requires. If you don’t have clear motivation for your plan, it is likely to fall apart shortly after you take action.

It is also necessary to This is a must for any successful health goal because any positive change you want to make is always going to be met with opposition. So when that opposition comes, because it surely will,  you will not waiver because you have a defined and established why.

There is something extremely powerful that happens when we put our why on a strong foundation, so put some time and intention into this. Once the why is established, the what and how easily follow.

I hope this gives you some encouragement in making a health goal that will move you closer to a healthier whole you.

Tammy La Fleur
Lead Instructor and Studio Manager, Revelation Wellness®|


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