Fireworks Ban Lifted

Despite the wildfire season and horrific fires that are currently burning in Arizona, the fireworks ban has been lifted and are allowed in certain parts of Arizona.

But the lifted ban does not come without a warning. With extreme dry air and brush throughout Arizona, the Phoenix Fire Department is asking residents to take extra precautions.

“My 19 years as a firefighter, I will say this year it seems like we’re getting a lot of brush fires,” Captain Ruben Saavedra, with the Phoenix Fire Department, said.

Apache Junction has already issued a ban on using some fireworks because of high wildfire risk. Cave Creek has also cancelled their fireworks celebration.

In Prescott, the fireworks show is scheduled to take place for the first time in three years. Although the location has moved to Watson Lake.

“If the lake level drops they’ll have to shoot off smaller shells,” Don Devendorf, with the Prescott Fire Department, said. “We’ll have forest service units along with the city of Prescott units surrounding the lake just in case something sparks.”

In Phoenix, setting off fountains and spinners will be permitted. It is important to note that fireworks such as bottle rockets and any aerial fireworks are not permitted.

In addition to the type of fireworks that are permitted, Captain Saavedra advises that after fireworks use, before you put fireworks in the trash, place them in a bucket of water.

The National Park Service says 85% of wildfires are caused by people.

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