Film Trailer Released About the Granite Mountain Hotshots

To celebrate the country’s inaugural National Heroes Day, Sony has released the first look at the movie, Only the Brave. The drama from Columbia Pictures documents the real-life Granite Mountain Hotshots. In June of 2013, near Prescott, AZ, this team set out to battle the Yarnell Hill wildfire. This wildfire claimed the lives of 19 of the 20 team members.

They were the elite forest fire crew that was responsible for battling wildfires before they blazed wildly out of control. The Prescott Fire Department was the head of the Granite Mountain Hotshots team. It was founded in 2002 as a fuels mitigation crew. Then they transitioned to a hotshot crew in 2008. They had their own fire station where they housed their equipment. They also had two 10-person crew carriers.

Capturing one of the deadliest wildfires in Arizona’s history, Only the Brave attempts to bring to life the 20-man team that was brave enough to battle it together. Starring Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin, and Jennifer Connelly, the movie is jam packed full of Hollywood talent and set for release on October 20th.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, this movie is anticipated to reveal all the amazing imagery of a wildfire. While it is dangerous and wicked, there is an element that captivates everyone who views it. Watching this movie is sure to create a connection between the audience and the cast.

Ken Nolan and Eric Warren Singer are responsible for penning the screenplay which was originally based on Sean Flynn’s GQ article “No Exit.”

Many people are anxiously awaiting their chance to see the heroism of these brave firefighters that gave their lives for the job. For those who experienced the events first hand, it is sure to cause some emotion. For now, we have to be content to watch the newly released trailer.