Fennemore Craig Partners with Ross Intelligence

Phoenix Law Firm One of the First Leading National Law Firms to Engage Artificial Intelligence

Phoenix law firm, Fennemore Craig recently announced its partnership with ROSS Intelligence as one of the first leading national law firms to engage artificial intelligence (AI) resources to enhance legal research.

Steve Good, managing partner of Fennemore Craig said, “We must continuously adapt to the rapid evolution of the legal services industry, and the utilization of artificial intelligence is a significant step in that process. It is our goal to effectively harness the power of artificial intelligence as a means to provide superior service to our clients with greater efficiency.”

The firm commits itself to addressing and adapting to new technologies so that clients can engage and receive top services that are affordable and forward thinking. 

Of the 175 law firm members of the International Legal Technology Association, Fennemore Craig is currently one of five to create a partnership with ROSS Intelligence. The innovative artificial intelligence resource will be used for intellectual property and bankruptcy. Development for other areas including tax, labor and employment is planned for the coming year. 

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