Family-Owned Chocolate Inspired Bakery Opens In Phoenix

A new, family operated, chocolate inspired bakery called Love Of Chocolate Coffee & Bakery just opened in Phoenix. The bakeries main focus is exquisite coffee and delicious pastries, which can be enjoyed at its new location in the Albertson’s shopping center (address below).

Serving Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

Although specializing in coffee and pastries, the bakery also offers a diverse breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. The cafe is laid-back and slow-paced in terms of atmosphere, serving as a good place to get some work done or simply to enjoy a well-blended cup of local coffee while relaxing. A variety of teas, such as the Tropical Herbal Tea, are also available.

Meals Range From Light Flatbreads To Breakfast Bagels

Alongside great coffee and pastries, delicately crafted meals can be enjoyed at Love Of Chocolate as well, starting with breakfast. The day can be kick-started with a hearty ham and egg sandwich, or a light fruit-filled parfait, to compliment a smooth locally-made cup of coffee. When lunch arrives, indulge in an Italian panini or a southwest chop salad. Come dinner, a variety of flatbreads are available. Pastries such as eclairs and freshly baked cookies are always an option for those looking for something lighter than a full meal. Although a glass of wine is not yet available to go with one of the cafes signature meat and cheese boards, a selection local wines will be arriving soon.

The cafe is also playing an important role in the local music scene, by catering for local events taking place in the 19 North community center. On February 10th, for example, tasty treats will be offered to those attending The Sugar Thieves Duo show at 19 North.

Location: 1820 W. Northern Ave., Suite 140 Phoenix, Arizona 85021
Phone: (602) 688-9661