Experts Warn About Protecting Your Boarding Pass When You Travel

Guard that pass.  You have probably thrown this item away not thinking about the personal information it holds. Tossing that boarding pass can lead to identity theft.

We have all done it, not knowing the issues that can come from it. That airline boarding pass holds key information.  Besides your name, every boarding pass has a QR code on it. This can easily be scanned by anyone who can download a free QR reader. Once scanned, all the hacker needs is your ticket number and record locator.

Once they have this information along with basic personal information, they are able to logon online and depending on the airline, gather the following information: billing address, date of birth, upcoming trip info, and frequent flyer information.

Depending on the hackers intention, they can do some serious damage to your travel plans, steal your miles or quite possibly worst, work to steal your identity. Next time you are taking a trip and snap a picture to share your boarding pass on Facebook or another form of social media, officials say don’t! It is recommended that passengers also hang on to that boarding pass until they get home and shred it at the end of your travels.


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