Employment Rates Increase as Companies Add More Workers

This year is looking bright for Arizona and the Phoenix-metro area as reports show an upward trend in employment rates. With the 100 largest non-government employers in this year’s Arizona Republic 100 listing reporting more than 511,000 Arizona jobs combined, our state is approaching the point of regaining all the jobs lost during the economic recession.

According to the Arizona Republic, “Workers and job applicants mostly have the private sector to thank.” Figures provided by the Arizona Department of Administration show that over the past year approximately 20 private-sector jobs have been created for every government job.

Although private companies have seen a boost in sales and employment rates, publicly held corporations continue to lead the way in hiring more workers.

Numerous non-profits are also performing well. Banner Health, for example, is now Arizona’s leading employer with more than 38,000 employees and plans to add more jobs this year.

With these high boosts in employment rates, Arizona might finally regain all the jobs lost in the recession eight years ago.

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