Early Flu Season Expected In Arizona

Health officials are warning Arizonans that an early flu season is upon them. The flu usually comes around later in the year, but this season will be arriving much earlier. Officials expect this, partly due to the fact that last flu season remained strong well into the summer, which is not normally the case.

Upcoming Flu Season May Extend Into Late January 2018
Dr. Devin Minior, a Phoenix based emergency medicine physician, said that the primary months for this flu season will be from October to November, however they may last until January next year. Many arizonans have already experienced an early bout with the flu resulting in chills, a cough, aches, and other typical symptoms.

University Of Arizona Examining Various Flu Cases
University of Arizona health officials were among the first to alert the public that this season’s flu had arrived. The University stated that out of 100 recent cases that involved symptoms similar to the flu, 37 of them were confirmed as flu cases. Many of these cases were also determined to be an illness similar to influenza. Influenza is a viral infection that causes many flu-like symptoms. Unlike the flu influenza is less contagious.

Doctors are recommending that citizens bolster their immune system defenses by receiving flu shots. For those under the age of 6 months, vaccinations can be received. Using hand sanitizer regularly, or periodically washing one’s hands, is highly recommended.

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