Domino’s looking to hire hundreds of workers in Phoenix

In the city of Phoenix, Domino’s is looking to hire 300 new employees who would be placed into team member positions in several locations. These team positions would include delivery drivers, assistant managers, and customer service representatives.

Per the company statement, customer service representatives would need to be 16 years old, delivery drivers would need to be 18 years old with a driver’s license and a driving record clear of any incidents. Assistant managers would need to have history working in the food industry or have a college degree.

In the metro area, there are nearly sixty locations so opportunities for those who are interested in applying are numerous. This offers younger people, eager to get a first job, a chance to do so. It also presents college students in the area a part-time job as a delivery driver and the ability to make money from tips.

Domino’s prides themselves on their hard workers, as described in a statement from Jeffrey Musser, Domino’s director of corporate operations in Phoenix: “Enthusiastic and positive-attitude leadership is our philosophy, and we’re in search of team members who reflect that so we can continue to do what we do best – make great pizzas and deliver them with exceptional service.”

Those interested in applying should click the following link: If you are in need of a job, they offer flexible hours, benefits and training. 

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