Dispatch Health Now Offers At-Home Doctor Visits

Thanks to Dispatch Health, a service that was commonplace in the past is becoming available once again, but with new-age advancements.

Feeling under the weather? With an easy-to-use app, users can communicate with Dispatch Health operators who can provide insight into illnesses to ensure an emergency room trip isn’t required instead.

Once symptoms are discussed, a nurse practitioner and EMT will visit your residence with help from an on-call virtual doctor for additional input. The group comes prepared with IV fluids, along with the capability to do blood tests, heart tests and prescribe antibiotics. 

The target time for an appointment to take place is 90 minutes and while times could be extended during times of the year such as flu season, the ability to wait from the comfort of your own home is second to none. 

“If you think about a young mom with three kids at home, the last thing you want to do is lug them to the doctor’s office, have them crawling around a dirty floor,” said Head Nurse Practitioner Tamara Brown.

The senior population can also benefit greatly from the service as it removes any obstacles associated with mobility issues.

Communities that can use this in-home healthcare from Dispatch Health range from Sun Lakes to Sun City and south Phoenix to Deer Valley. The west Valley will also soon become home to an additional dispatch center.

Your co-pay will be the same as urgent care and there is a flat fee of $270 for those that don’t have insurance.

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