Delta Apologizes for Flight Cancellations

Delta Airlines continued canceling flights yesterday, however, they did say normal operations could continue soon. The airline has canceled over 2,000 flights so far and this may continue to rise. If you were flying from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, where Delta’s headquarters is located, your flight would’ve been hit the hardest. 

The reason all of these flights were canceled was due to a reported power outage, but representatives from Georgia Power denied this and said it was down to the power grid, which controls the airport. Although on Tuesday, the company’s representatives said that the real reason this happened was due to an equipment failure at Delta’s Atlanta Headquarters. 

The company has said:

“Delta officials anticipate returning to a normal operation by mid- to late afternoon Wednesday following an outage Monday that disrupted the airline’s flight schedule, though a chance of scattered thunderstorms expected in the eastern U.S. may have the potential [to] slow the recovery”.

The CEO and Vice President of Delta Airline have also released statements:

“Monday morning a critical power control module at our Technology Command Center malfunctioned, causing a surge to the transformer and a loss of power. The universal power was stabilized and power was restored quickly. But when this happened, critical systems and network equipment didn’t switch over to backups. Other systems did. And now we’re seeing instability in these systems.”

“This isn’t the quality of service, the reliability that you’ve come to expect from Delta Air Lines,” Delta CEO Ed Bastian said in a video to customers. “We’re very sorry. I’m personally very sorry.” 

If you are one of the unlucky passengers that had their flight delayed for more than 3 hours then you’ll be pleased to know that Delta is offering every passenger $200 in travel vouchers. There will also be a change fee waiver but you must hold onto your tickets for this to be eligible.



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