Delta Announces Increased Checked Bag Costs

Last week, Delta announced an increase in the cost of the first and second checked bags by $5 each for flights in North America, Central America and the Caribbean. With the raised prices, the first checked bag will now cost $30, while the second checked bag will now cost $40.

A Delta spokesperson confirmed the price change and told CNN that it is another routine fee adjustment.

After a recent report from the International Air Transport Association forecasted a profit decline of 12% for the 2018 global airline industry, airlines are working to make up the lost revenue in other ways such as checked bags and seat selection.

According to Bureau of Transportation statistics, Delta collected $375 million and the entire U.S. airline industry collected $2.4 billion in baggage fees during the first six months of 2018. The figure is 15% lower than the same time period last year for Delta, while it is a 7% increase for the U.S. airline industry.

Delta is the latest airline to increase baggage fees, as United and Jet Blue did the same just under one month ago. It is unclear whether or not American Airlines will follow suit.

Those in the SkyMiles loyalty program, flying first class or booking flights with an eligible American Express SkyMiles credit card will still be able to check bags for free with Delta.

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