Degree Program For Paramedics Coming to UofA

This fall, the University of Arizona will begin accepting trained paramedics into a new degree program.

It’s program is the Bachelor of Science major and minor in emergency medical services. It’s designed to enhance emergency medical professionals’ leadership and clinical skills, and it’s goal is to prepare them for a succeeding future in prehospital medicine.

It’s one of the only programs of its kind in the nation administered through a clinical department.

“It really is an atypical career in the sense that we work 24 hours a day and there isn’t an hour where emergencies don’t occur,” said Joshua Gaither, a UA associate professor of emergency medicine.

The Arizona Board of Regents approved the new program in April. Students can be admitted to the program if you’re a current state- or national-certified paramedic or have completed an associate’s degree in paramedic care at a regionally accredited community college or university.

“One purpose of this degree program is to teach our paramedics how to transform their systems to embrace the most cutting-edge research,” Gaither said.

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