DEA Busts Phoenix Cockfighting Ring

What authorities believed would be a probable drug bust escalated into the dismantling of an alleged rooster-fighting ring.

During a recent Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) raid on a home in south Phoenix near 15th and Corona avenues, the agency found more than 100 roosters in the backyard. Authorities say all the birds were trained for cockfighting.

The illegal practice of cockfighting, is a vicious sport where birds are placed in pits, with knives or razor blades attached, in which they fight to the death. Spectators watch and bet on the outcome of which bird will prevail.

As a result of this raid, the Humane Society says all the birds found had to be euthanized.

A man at the home was arrested on outstanding warrants but authorities expect to charge him with more counts soon.

Cockfighting is illegal in the U.S. Currently animal rights organizations are working to pass stricter laws to prevent the birds from being transported for the purpose of fighting.