Danger in the Desert

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is looking for Estrella Mountain regional park shooters.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is currently looking for the people responsible for illegally riding 4-wheelers and shooting at Estrella Mountain Regional Park.

“The problem with this area is that it’s posted no trespassing, no shooting,” says a deputy from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Joaquin Enriquez.

The sheriff’s office believes the group uses a Facebook group to organize parties. Posts in the group show videos with loud music and ATVs driving in the park.

“When you get so many people gathered in one area, shooting, it’s a huge danger issue. Nothing is organized and somebody can get hurt,” says Sgt. Enriquez.

Deputies have arrested several people from the group late last year, but the group has moved their location. They now meet on Sundays near the regional park.

“On Sunday night there was 4-to-5 thousand rounds shot off. Police showed up, they scattered for a while, came back half hour later and the intensity was threefold increase,” says a resident who lives next to the park, Mark Davy.

Davy says he’s concerned even about his neighbors and claims that he was almost hit by stray bullets while in his backyard.

The sheriff’s office says they hope other would-be partiers learn from the situation and the sheriff office’s action against the vandals.

“It’s letting them know that you cannot be out there. It is private land, you are trespassing. You will be arrested or cited. That is the message,” says Sgt. Enriquez.


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