“Creepy” Cards Left on Arizona Women’s Cars

Southeast Valley parents and their teenagers are concerned and disturbed after “creepy cards” were left on teens and other women’s cars.

According to police, the cards are being left in the parking lot at Fry’s near Chandler Heights and Higley. The leaving of the card is not considered to be a criminal offense, but police understand the community’s concern.

There was worry among parents that this person may have been trying to lure the women in order to commit a criminal offense, but that did not seem to be the case.

Gilbert Police located the man who left the cards on the cars and determined that they do not believe the man was trying to sex traffic these women. The 44-year old man is now banned from that Fry’s property for the next year and was issued a no-trespassing warning by police.

Teens, Danni and Lauren got a good look at the man before he left a card on their windshield at Fry’s.

“We were having a sleepover and really wanted to get fruit,” said Danni.

“He was driving really slow down the parking aisle thing, and he had his window down,” said Lauren. “I was like ehh he’s driving really slow and he parked right next to us when there are 15 other spots open,” said Danni.

“Looking us up and down, and just gave us this kind of weird feeling,” said Lauren.

When they came out of the store, they had two cards waiting for them on the car. The front of the card said ‘Be Recognized’ with a photo of female legs, while the back let the girls know that they had got the man’s attention and he was interested.

The card included the man’s phone number, encouraged ‘discreet’ texting and offered his Kik social media details.

“I wanted to throw up. I was super uncomfortable! Just that word [discreet], in particular,” said Danni. “This is weird, you’re an old man,” said Lauren.

Gilbert police were able to find the man thanks to Lauren’s description of him.

“He was mid to late 40s, white, dirty blonde hair, and had some facial hair,” said the 17-year-old, who also mentioned he was driving a blue Mercedes Benz.

The girls have learned a lot from this experience. They encourage men to be more respectful toward women and encourage women to be aware of their surroundings.

“Please stop contacting young girls trying to get them to discreetly text you,” said Danni. “It’s really really important to pay attention to where you are at all times.”

To learn how to protect yourself or your teens from sexual predators, click here.

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