Cox Institutes Data Cap on Customers

 Cox Communications has instituted a data cap on its residential internet customers in Arizona.

Beginning on June 27, Cox customers have received notifications that their data cap would be established at 1 terabyte a month. This cap, not hard to believe, has received negative reactions, but it is probably because of their extra charges when going over the cap.

For instance, for every 50 gigabytes of data over the original 1 terabyte, each customer will have to pay $10.

Of course, 1 terabyte is a lot of data, so according to the Cox director, the change will only affect about 2 percent of all internet users with their service. They also instituted a warning, when 85 percent of their data has been used. This is a great incentive to sign up, because technically, Cox is still trying to be there in the customer’s best interest.

It can also be seen as a bit of marketing, because Cox plans to make available an offer of unlimited internet usage later on in the year. After having to pay for penalties, customers might feel it is more than worth it to opt for this offer.

The reason for the charge implementation, however, is based on the fact that internet usage has doubled in just two years. Three years from now, Cox has made the prediction that each American household will have an average of 50 devices which are connected to the internet. This, of course, adds up.

They state that this move is just their company evolving with the marketing needs and adjusting to the demands and necessities of the customer. Especially since it only affects about 2 percent of the customers involved, they are hoping that these customers will re-evaluate and adjust their living or company situations.