CoverGirl Opens Up First Store Ever In Times Square

CoverGirl will indeed be coming to every woman very soon. What does this mean? For the first time ever, in its 60 years in business, the makeup giant’s brand will have its very own brick and mortar store. CoverGirl has known a very profitable, as well as, 60-year popular history in the eyes of the world. However, now, they are moving it up a notch and that’s a glorious thing in essence.

A first-time beauty destination

The new brick and mortar store for the brand owned by Coty Inc. will be launched in New York City. The store’s location will be in Times Square. For the first time, CoverGirl will have its physical beauty destination, and that indeed does make for excitement all the more for gals out there that love this makeup. The flagship store will be right in the heart of the Big Apple.

The new CoverGirl store will be larger than life.

The new CoverGirl store will be larger than life in the description. Which is an excellent way to describe a store of this kind? However, it goes beyond that, and that is because it will be 10,000 square feet in size. When it opens its doors, it will be a place that will serve the 26 million New Yorkers and tourists, who do go through Times Square each year.

There’s also a new and more modern slogan in place for CoverGirl

Last October, CoverGirl decided to retire its famous tagline of “easy, breezy, beautiful” in favor of one that was more modern. The rebranding was for another slogan, and those words are no other than “I am what I make up.” In addition to, the new slogan, there are also some new faces for CoverGirl. Some of these new faces include Massy Arias, the fitness trainer, and there is Katy Perry. Some of the other new faces are professional motorcycle racer Shelina Moreda and Issa Rae.

A CoverGirl concept store will deliver on creativity and self-expression.

One of the main reasons that CoverGirl did decide to go ahead and open a brick and mortar store was clear. It was because the makeup was in every way a powerful tool for creativity and self-expression. By having a concept store, CoverGirl would bring their brand purpose to life in a way, which it never had the opportunity to do before. The idea would be immersive, elevated, and multidimensional in scope. The store will also have a beauty playroom, makeup application that is full service, services on the go, digital experiences and innovation that was exclusive.

Will this new concept store for CoverGirl make it in the fashion world?

The answer is definitely yes. CoverGirl offers terrific makeup that women do have a genuine passion for as a rule. There have been other brick, and mortar stores that have failed such as American Apparel and Wet Seal. There are ones that do make it. CoverGirl will be among those that do.

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