Councilman Garcia Sole ‘No” Vote on Homelessness Plan

District 8 has some of the highest rates of poverty in the city of Phoenix. When presented with a viable option, Councilman Garcia was the sole ‘no’ against a plan to help reduce, prevent and lift people out of homelessness.

The Strategies to Address Homelessness Plan, presented before the Phoenix City Council on June 23rd, offers ways to increase affordable housing, mental health care, eviction protections, employment opportunities, and much more.

Despite having the highest section 8 housing and ex-criminally incarcerated in the city, Councilman Garcia chose to vote against these desperately needed efforts in his community.

The Phoenix City Council has heard countless times from community residents and businesses that people illegally enter their properties to defecate, use drugs, steal items, sleep, fornicate, set fire to trash bins, and more. These community residents and businesses cannot flourish under these conditions. How can a restaurant, for example, operate and hold a stable clientele when people are using drugs and the presence of human waste outside their doors becomes unbearable? Under  Councilman Garcia vote, residents and business owners will have an even harder time protecting their properties and enforcing their rights.

Residents, businesses, and the less fortunate experiencing homelessness deserve more opportunities to succeed, and by voting no, Garcia sent a message that he doesn’t support the community members he represents.

Click here for the City of Phoenix Homeless Plan that will be presented to the community for input.

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