Costco Food Court to Change Menu for Healthier Options

Get ready for change, Costco shoppers. The Costco food court plans to ditch the popular Polish hot dog to add more healthy options to the menu. The chain based in Issaquah, Washington is changing their menu to cater more to their health-conscious customers.

Since early this year, Costco has been hinting at possibly changing up the menu. New additions such as vegan and vegetarian options were among the first to join the food court. More additions will include acai bowls, organic burgers, and a plant-based protein salad, called the “Al Pastor Salad.”

The menu will be getting rid of items such as the Polish hot dog to make more room for the healthy items, however, they will be keeping some fan favorites.

The original all-beef hot dog combo will stay on the menu. Sold for $1.50, including a drink, the combo is as old as the store itself and hasn’t changed in price over the years.

Chief Executive Craig Jelinek addressed shareholders in January about the change, “Not everybody gets as excited about pizza and hot dogs as I do.” 

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