Coronavirus In The United States: Case and Death Count By State

As political leaders look to reopen parts of the country, the spread of the virus continues. Stay-at-home orders remain in effect in many states, yet we continue to see a rise in the death toll.

With the outbreak in this country, we have seen over 60,000 Americans lose their lives to the coronavirus. It is reported that since late March, more than 20,000 new cases have been announced each day. It is estimated that the number of known cases in our country exceeds the combined populations of Wyoming and Minneapolis.

In U.S. states, New York has been hit the hardest, with nearly 300,000 cases and 22,000 deaths, with New Jersey following with just over 116,000 confirmed cases. But reports show that conditions have been improving in those states, and that they have had success in flattening infection rates.

Currently, rural states are the most recent to feel the effects of the pandemic, as they watch infection curves rise. Iowa is seeing cases rise, where the virus broke out in one of the country’s major pork packing plants. Despite a sharp increase in cases, the governor has begun to ease restrictions in some parts of the state.

Other states such as Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee have also started to lift restrictions, even though they are seeing cases in those states climb.

All About Arizona News has compiled list of cases and deaths by state from the CDC  to see how Arizona compares to the rest of the nation. (Updated on April 30th).


State Cases  Deaths Community Transmisison
Alabama 7,105 260 Yes, defined area(s)
Alaska 355 9 Yes, defined area(s)
America Samoa 0 0 N/A
Arizona 7,962 330 Yes, Widespread
Arkansas 3,192 59 Yes, Widespread
46,500 1,887 Yes, Widespread
Colorado 14,675 766 Yes, Widespread
Connecticut 26,767 2,168 Yes, Widespread
Delaware 4,734 152 Yes, Widespread
Washington, D.C. 4,106 205 Undetermined
Florida 32,318 1,218 Yes, Widespread
Georgia 25,324 1,054 Yes, Widespread
145 5 Yes, Widespread
Hawaii 557 16 Yes, defined area(s)
Idaho 1,984 60 Yes, Widespread
Illinois 50,355 2,215 Yes, Widespread
Indiana 17,182 1,065 Undetermined
6,843 148 Yes, Widespread
Kansas 3,738 125 Yes, defined area(s)
Kentucky 4,539 235 Undetermined
Louisiana 27,703 1,845 Yes, Widespread
Maine 2,095 53 Yes, Widespread
Maryland 21,742 1,140 Yes, Widespread
60,265 3,405 Yes, Widespread
Michigan 40,399 3,670 Yes, Widespread
Minnesota 5,136 343 Yes, Widespread
Mississippi 6,569 250 Yes, Widespread
7,425 318 Yes, Widespread
Montana 451 16 Yes, defined area(s)
Nebraska 3,784 68 Yes, Widespread
Nevada 4,898 237 Yes, Widespread
New Hampshire 2,054 66 Yes, Widespread
New Jersey
116,264 6,770 Yes, Widespread
New Mexico 3,213 112 Yes, Widespread
New York 294,715 22,759 Yes, Widespread
North Carolina 9,948 354 Yes, Widespread
North Dakota 1,033 19 Yes, defined area(s)
Ohio 17,303 937 Yes, defined area(s)
3,473 214 Yes, Widespread
Oregon 2,446 101 Yes, Widespread
Pennsylvania 44,366 2,195 Yes, defined area(s)
Puerto Rico 1,433 86 Undetermined
Rhode Island 8,247 251 Yes, Widespread
South Carolina 5,881 203 Yes, Widespread
South Dakota
2,373 13 Yes, Widespread
Tennessee 10,132 192 Yes, Widespread
Texas 27,054 732 Yes, defined area(s)
Utah 4,605 46 Yes, Widespread
Vermont 862 47 Yes, Widespread
Virgin Islands 66 4 Yes, defined area(s)
15,846 552 Yes, Widespread
Washington 14,070 801 Yes, Widespread
West Virginia 1,109 40 Yes, defined area(s)
Wisconsin 6,520 308 Yes, Widespread
Wyoming 544 7 Yes, defined area(s)

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